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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Someone I don't know is cool.
There's a car down the road. With the regisration plate Z3 LDA.

I envy that person.

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This isn't usually my business, but way would you be jealous?

It kinda spells Zelda.
As in, the game Zelda, as in genius.

IT IS A GREAT GAME. And his car had ZELDA ON IT. I wish my car could have that for a licence plate.

Heck, I wish I had a car.

Heck, I wish I could drive!

Oh.. the almost leet version of zelda.. well i'm sure if you ever do have a car.. you can put a fake plate over it that says the real thing, with a cute little picture of link. If you wish, you can put get something like that and put it on your bike.. or even tatoo it to your coat.

i must say.. it-it.. it's a little frightening how fast you answered this. But thanks for answering

Welcome to the world of a geek!

'nuff said.

Re: Welcome to the world of a geek!

And I am proud! ^_^

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