There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Chat extract.
Not now.
Jusquun: Mm, I am a fool.
Abby Ryder: why?
Jusquun: I rang a pizza company, yes. And what did I order from them?
Neil Lafrenais: A pizza?
Jusquun: Two 500ml tubs of ice-cream.
Abby Ryder: er, pizza?
Neil Lafrenais: mohhhhh
Abby Ryder: moohh!
Abby Ryder: Me want!
Jusquun: And it still takes half an hour for it to get here.
Neil Lafrenais: Bahahah.
Jusquun: Maybe they make the ice cream as well.
Jusquun: I think the pizza guy was bemused when I asked for ice-cream. He went "Is that all?" in a kinda "ORDER A PIZZA YOU IDIOT" way.
Abby Ryder: MOHHHH


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