Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

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IRC conversation of an AIM conversation.

[05:11:07] <dean_r> SOMEONE-ELSE (05:10:12): My brother and i are both in the constant-barfing stage of being sick, and my sister is being a stupid assface.
[05:11:07] <dean_r> ME (05:10:25): *pouts* Bah. Vomit in her tea.
[05:11:26] <spreeul8r> heh
[05:11:27] <dean_r> That, I think, is called a sick sense of humour.
[05:11:36] <JackCake> lol
[05:11:41] <JackCake> punzzzzz
[05:11:49] <JackCake> that is truly awful

That's the British humour for you.

Nothing else to see. Move along.
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