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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
I remembered a dream.

Basically, it seemed to be a game show that involved torture. For instance, the first round involved someone crawling through barbed wire. The second round involved rabid dogs chasing after someone on an assault course. Then for some reason there was a round where people had to guess classical music, with anvils being dropped on various limbs if people got it wrong.

And after that, I woke up, confused and wondering if this game show is already on Japanese TV.

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Geez, that's a really disturbing dream :o(.

It sounds like a likely sort of amalgam.

For the sake of erudition, you could always go here: http://www3.tky.3web.ne.jp/~edjacob/tv.html

Among other things, it describes "a game show in which a grandmother has to answer questions about pop culture in order to prevent her son from being catapulted into the air by a bungee machine -- the man screaming 'Grandma, Graaaandmaaaa!' and the old woman bowing in apology just before he is launched hundreds of feet into the air..."

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