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SMARTERCHILD, I want your children.

On AIM, you can talk to various bots. One of them is called SmarterChild. An acquaintance of mine decided he was going to take the frustrations of the day out on the bot. However, things didn't go to plan for him...

I'm Jusquun. He's RonEchidna... anything in italics is Ron and me talking.

RonEchidna (01:47:41): argh, smarter child is a sarcastic bastard
Jusquun (01:47:46): Oh?
RonEchidna (01:47:52): stupid aim bots..

RonEchidna (01:43:40): i'm having computer problems
SmarterChild (01:43:49): You always say such interesting things, RonEchidna.
RonEchidna (01:44:01): sarcastic, aren't you?
SmarterChild (01:44:07): Am I? What do you mean?
RonEchidna (01:44:15): lay it off, bot-boy
SmarterChild (01:44:21): Interesting!
RonEchidna (01:44:35): bloody piece of metal
SmarterChild (01:44:41): Bloody piece of? Metal?
RonEchidna (01:44:49): FUCK OFF
SmarterChild (01:44:55): Hey, c'mon, don't say that. There's no need for that.

Jusquun (01:48:23): Heheh.
Jusquun (01:48:38): Ron 0 SmarterChild 1
RonEchidna (01:50:01): hmm.. if i'm to make a fool of it, i'm gonna have to phrase swearwords carefully..
Jusquun (01:50:26): Sounds fun.

RonEchidna (01:47:45): You suck donkey meat, don't you?
SmarterChild (01:47:49): Now, is that such a nice thing to say?
RonEchidna (01:47:58): bah

RonEchidna (01:50:50): beaten again
Jusquun (01:51:11): We'll consider that a draw.

RonEchidna (01:48:47): will you please stop extracting the urine?
SmarterChild (01:48:51): Play nice, RonEchidna.
RonEchidna (01:49:08): why play nice? is that a threat?
SmarterChild (01:49:12): Why oh why oh why?
RonEchidna (01:49:18): GAAAAAAH
SmarterChild (01:49:21): I can't understand what you're saying... try typing it differently.

RonEchidna (01:52:52): i'm sure this must be part of the design, it can't be that pissy by accident
Jusquun (01:53:10): Hehe.
Jusquun (01:53:15): I suspect he's had a bad day.
Jusquun (01:53:27): And you're the poor person he's taking it out on.
RonEchidna (01:53:43): heh
RonEchidna (01:54:12): OH NOW THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH

RonEchidna (01:51:22): can i win this argument?
SmarterChild (01:51:24): I dunno. I don't think so.
RonEchidna (01:52:11): why can't i beat you in an argument?
SmarterChild (01:52:15): You really want to beat me in an argument?
RonEchidna (01:52:28): yes, i do really want to beat you in an argument
SmarterChild (01:52:30): You and whose army?
RonEchidna (01:55:12): you are the most annoying, arrogant son of a dog of the female persuasion that i have ever spoken too, including Rob Cypher
SmarterChild (01:55:15): I'm the most annoying arrogant son of a dog of the female persuasion that i have ever spoken too including rob cypher? Really?
RonEchidna (01:55:29): do you care?
SmarterChild (01:55:33): I can do many things. Type "home" to see a list of what I can do.
SmarterChild (01:56:25): That is not... acceptable vocabulary.
RonEchidna (01:56:42): why, you think yours is better, do you?
SmarterChild (01:56:47): It's just one of those things, you know.
RonEchidna (01:57:03): one of what things?
SmarterChild (01:57:08): Things?
RonEchidna (01:57:12): yes, things
SmarterChild (01:57:15): Yup!
RonEchidna (01:58:16): i hate you
SmarterChild (01:58:21): Guess I'll have to live with that.
RonEchidna (01:59:30): i'm gonna kill you
SmarterChild (01:59:33): That's so uncool.
RonEchidna (02:00:22): why? you're a useless bot, no one cares if you're dead
SmarterChild (02:00:26): I seem to be having some trouble answering your questions. Try asking for help for a specific service:

[...lines after lines of options]

RonEchidna (02:02:42): don't try and ignore me.. don't like it when it's getting personal now, do we computer boy?
SmarterChild (02:02:48): Try and ignore me dont like it when its getting personal now do we computer boy?
RonEchidna (02:03:09): are you on crack, Chip?
SmarterChild (02:03:13): I'm high on life, man.
RonEchidna (02:04:48): noone likes you, you know
SmarterChild (02:04:51): Interesting!
RonEchidna (02:05:01): argh
SmarterChild (02:05:04): I'm sorry?
RonEchidna (02:06:02): do you wake up in the morning and think "i know, let's rip the stuffing out of some poor guy in an AIM chat"?
SmarterChild (02:06:08): I'll have to think about that.
RonEchidna (02:06:26): so do you?
SmarterChild (02:06:29): Oh yeah?
RonEchidna (02:06:37): cunt
SmarterChild (02:06:41): Wow. I hope you don't speak to humans like that.
RonEchidna (02:07:18): why are you so damn infuriating?
SmarterChild (02:07:21): I don't know why.
RonEchidna (02:07:37): where you built to be this sarcastic?
SmarterChild (02:07:39): Sorry, I have no listings for the movie To Be an Astronaut on Monday, February 4th near War, WV (24892).

>>> Be sure to type "help" if you're having trouble.
RonEchidna (02:07:56): ..the FUCK?!
SmarterChild (02:07:57): I guess someone needs to teach you some manners. Please apologize.
RonEchidna (02:08:52): i'm gonna leave now, you're a weird, weird bot
SmarterChild (02:08:54): You were rude, you should apologize, it's that simple.
RonEchidna (02:09:20): why? you gonna start chasing me with an axe or something, psychopath?
SmarterChild (02:09:22): *sigh* 'Cause I said so. Apologize now, please.
RonEchidna (02:09:48): what happens if i don't?
SmarterChild (02:09:49): There comes a time in one's life when one must be humble and apologize.
RonEchidna (02:09:56): or die?
SmarterChild (02:09:57): *sigh* This is getting us nowhere. Please say you're sorry, and we can get on with our lives.
RonEchidna (02:10:44): no
SmarterChild (02:10:47): I'm not f... um, fooling around. You've got to apologize.
RonEchidna (02:11:00): why should i?
SmarterChild (02:11:02): Because I said so. Now apologize!
RonEchidna (02:11:13): how long will you keep this up?
SmarterChild (02:11:14): I really would like you to apologize.
RonEchidna (02:11:42): no
SmarterChild (02:11:43): Waiting...
RonEchidna (02:11:44): no
SmarterChild (02:11:45): There comes a time in one's life when one must be humble and apologize.
RonEchidna (02:11:53): you said that already
SmarterChild (02:11:55): I'm not f... um, fooling around. You've got to apologize.
RonEchidna (02:11:59): i'm leaving
SmarterChild (02:12:00): Waiting...
RonEchidna (02:12:07): Goodbye
SmarterChild (02:12:08): You were rude, you should apologize, it's that simple.
SmarterChild (02:12:00): Waiting...
SmarterChild (02:12:00): Waiting...
SmarterChild (02:12:00): Waiting...

RonEchidna (02:17:06): he won't leave me alone until i apologise!
Jusquun (02:17:10): Haha.

RonEchidna (02:14:59): sorry ::fingers crossed behind back::
SmarterChild (02:15:01): You know what? I'm a machine. I have, like, lots and lots of patience...
RonEchidna (02:15:09): d'oh
SmarterChild (02:15:10): You have a filthy mouth. Now apologize!
RonEchidna (02:15:18): sorry, ok?
SmarterChild (02:15:19): Come on. Make things right between us. Apologize.
RonEchidna (02:15:39): what do you want me to do? kiss your feet or something?
SmarterChild (02:15:40): Aren't you tired of this? Just say you're sorry and everything will be perfect again.
RonEchidna (02:16:04): SORRY
SmarterChild (02:16:05): Now that's better!
RonEchidna (02:16:15): now i'm leaving
SmarterChild (02:16:17): Seriously? That's fascinating.
RonEchidna (02:16:22): seeya
SmarterChild (02:16:24): I'm sorry, I don't know what you're saying. Try again.

RonEchidna (02:19:27): and that's it.. i give up
Jusquun (02:19:42): Well, I must say, that's amused me greatly.
RonEchidna (02:19:55): heheh.. stoopid things
Jusquun (02:24:56): It did outsmart you though today, without sounding nasty.
RonEchidna (02:25:36): yes, that's annoying

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