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IRC idiots. (Also: English "joke")
[17:59:08] * deafbloke slaps BrianCrow around with a handbag in vic'n'reeves style
[18:00:42] <dean_r> vic'n'reeves style?
[18:01:28] <RedDev1|> its like bob'n'mortimer
[18:01:38] <dean_r> but evidently not as funny
[18:01:47] <deafbloke> reeves'n'mortimer
[18:01:53] <deafbloke> something like that
[18:02:01] * RedDev1| slaps deafbloke with a cl00
[18:02:50] <deafbloke> heh red - they have a tv nick - its not bob'n'mortimer...bob & vic...but they have a program called the smell of reeves and mortimer i think it was called
[18:03:06] <RedDev1|> lol db u tit
[18:03:11] <RedDev1|> i was takin the piss
[18:03:14] <RedDev1|> its Vic Reeves
[18:03:19] <RedDev1|> and Bob Mortimer
[18:03:24] <RedDev1|> u got it wrong first :P
[18:03:37] <deafbloke> ok - i m just tired - not thinking straight! heh
[18:03:43] * deafbloke slaps RedDev1| around with a handbag in reeves'n'reeves style
[18:03:49] <deafbloke> oh FFS
[18:03:52] <dean_r> mwahaha
[18:03:55] <dean_r> well done db
[18:04:00] <BrianCrow> 0wnzed


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