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Channel Four Educational Programming.

A child is moving from one house to another. She meets a few friends and goes to play in their den. She goes to get a toy to show these friends, and whilst getting it from the removal van, she breaks a box of china.

A while later, her parents open the box to find broken china, and start to have a go at the removal men for not looking after the china.

If you were that girl, would you:
a) Blame the removal men.
b) Confess to breaking the china.
c) Hide in the den.

Now, this question was asked to 47 kids, aged from 5 to 17. And of these kids, the results went:

a) 3 children would blame the removal men.
b) 18 children would confess.
c) 26 children would hide.

I'd not have expected that result seeing the age range was so wide... I guess there's no real way to prove they'd say what they would as well.

Don't mind me, just in an odd mood.

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