There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I learnt how to use the marquee HTML. And I was amused by this. Oh dear.

Mum had become very close to her clique whilst suffering her mid-life crisis, forgetting about the family somewhat. I was affected by this and I felt unloved by her. While the group wasn't good for her, this act of selfishness was rather disappointing of me.

I also had Asti and Trudi visit; I taught them of the joys of Crusha whilst playing FFIX.

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Mmm, Cresta!......Gah, I mean Crusha!

Hey, I *had* to read - I mean, I was right near the end of the second Lord of the Rings book, and I *needed* to know what happened to poor young Frodo!!! Anyways, you seemed happy enough on FF9 - I've just been playing a bit of that - got Zidane's weapopn that you showed me.

Next time I'm shopping, I'm definitely gonna look out for that lovely Crusha though - haven't had it in years, since being round your house!

Yes, Esquilax!Crusha!

I didn't mind you reading. Maybe spoiling the end for Trudi was a little nasty though...

Besides, if you weren't reading you'd have moaned more about me checking about the auctioning area with the guide.

Hey, I *didn't* spoil the ending at all!! Plus, it's not the ending - there's another book to go, yet! ;P You want me to spoil the ending? Right, here we go......what happens is, *whisper, mumble* ......

There you go, *that's* what happens! ;D

Yes, I would have moaned about that - it's CHEATING!!! You should only do that after you've been through the game once, by yourself! *shakes head*

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