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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Remind me, remind me
I gotta get away for a while
Quieten me, enlighten me
'Cos all I do is cramp my own style

Comfort me, protect me
Tell me this will be over soon
Because you see, this is killing me
I've forgotten how to make up a tune

Why do I care?
After all this time
I'm suddenly dependant
With making words rhyme

Why does it matter?
It's not like I have to care
With how bad my prose is right now
It shouldn't be a source of despair

Slap some sense into me
I shouldn't really have the blues
I'm not really suffering
All I've really lost is my muse

Just point out to me
Everything is gonna be fine
I'm not really one to angst
I really don't have reason to whine

Why do I care?
After all these times
I'm suddenly dependant
With making rhymes

It's not important
It shouldn't make me feel so low
I've only forgotten
How to make words flow

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tried to do this a minute ago wasn't working though, is now, so i can.

Poem's cool:) and thats all i had to say

Thank you :) Damned if I can write properly again yet.

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