August 3rd, 2001


Account of the trip.

I didn't like the trip to the US much at all. I was frequently in a very coy and sullen mood. Yasha was brash and lived on snap decisions. I was methodical and happy with simple and calm activities.

Sometimes Yasha's impulsiveness caused fun times to be had. We had fun playing mini golf, where I always played shots where they lied - often meaning playing shots on the rough around the course. We had fun at the little arcade centre. Well, Yasha and Matt had fun playing DDR and I was amused enough watching them and feeling like I fitted in.

Except - I was watching them. Not exactly fitting in really, is it? On that day I recall I went away and played other things on my own, primarily a game involving kicking a football, attempting a faux penalty shootout, having to run on a slippery carpet - I nearly fell over with every kick.

Quite often the impulsiveness backfired. One time where she'd demanded we go for a wander, and I'd felt sick by the time we got close to the place she wanted to go to, meant we had to turn round and she felt quite annoyed at me for not saying how I felt earlier than I did. Other instances, which have been explained to those who needed to know at the time, also happened due to rash situations.

In fact, that was one of the few times I agreed to impulsive actions without thought of the ramifications, and it was because I felt ill and didn't really know what was going on.

Still, the trip made me mature like nothing ever could, especially given the after-effects and the manner her friends ganged up on me when I returned home. I'm sure they're all looking out for her, but only one person who knew her asked for my account of the story and after listening, trusted my side of the story to hers. That's what made me realise I wasn't the villain in this event - until then I wasn't sure.
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