August 5th, 2001


Lost friendship: Monique Morgan

As I returned home, I had lots of questions in my head. More questions were asked of me as I got home. Mum wanted me to make an impulse decision about my future, which college I was off to. I told her I wasn't interested and wanted to work so I had some money behind me for whatever I wanted to go towards, but she didn't show much interest in that answer and said "we'd talk to someone about it later on".

I got shouted at by a few of Yasha's friends as soon as I got online as well. I didn't know Yasha's account of the trip at the time, but she sounded worse than I remember her being the day it all blew up. From then on Yasha never showed an interest in talking to me. Since then I've learned the type of people she had as friends weren't people I was likely to get on with, being very self-obsessed. The loss of her friendship wasn't a loss as such; I'd felt a bit bemused by it all initially, but within weeks I was becoming a stronger person from it all.
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