September 6th, 2001



I like inspiration... someone told me of someone whose poetry I found excellent. I started feeling like writing as soon as I saw their stuff. Mine's not as good, and it's more not-my-style-really, but it is here and yes. *shrugs*

All I did was walk alone
Amongst the bitter midnight rain
Shaking as it hits my cheek
My hair already messed and moist

All I see are drops of rain
Falling from the sky if I look
At the full moon over me
But my attention would be swayed

By bright stars
Beautiful and yet so modest
A highlight of the sky
With so few looking at them

And then the wind changes the rain
It now falls in a different way
I feel my hair get wetter
And I feel my feet are damper

And I feel estranged
The feeling's numb
The feeling's gone
And I feel nothing

Something strange empowers me
And makes me devoidtiredstupid
All it takes are drops from skies
Above me to make un-sane thoughts.

I forget my life for fleeting moments
Forget the world which I surround
And it is humble to remember
What did this was water hitting ground.
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