October 21st, 2002


Oh, and of my return:

How the hell did I forget to talk of this? It was madness as well!

What happened was: me and Jess were set to go to the bus stop and get on the 3:00(ish) PM bus to the city (well, one bus usually goes past every half hour, I'm told). From here we'd get to Leicester before 4, so we could check a few shops before I was set to leave on a train at 5:31.

When we left the house at nearly 3, the elements battered us all the way to the bus stop and Jess froze up seeing all she was wearing was a layer or two of t-shirty clothing; as a result of this I gave her a fluffy top of mine to keep her warmish. We waited about for a while before the 3:30 bus arrived (apparently the buses actually go past every hour on a Sunday) and got into Leicester at 4. We ate from the nearest store possible (a McDonald's) and looked about in a shopping centre from 4:30 to 5, before the shops in the centre shut.

We got to the station at 5:20. I checked the screen displaying the time and platform of the train I wanted to get on - the 5:31 train. I was meant to be on platform 3. Me and Jess both walked down to the platform and chatted and finally made our goodbyes before the train arrived... in fact, while I sat there I noticed that the 5:31 must be a bit late... the 5:31 hadn't arrived on platform 3 at 5:40.

I went to ask someone in the know of where this train was. Apparently it'd arrived and left on platform 4 (which is slightly hidden from platform 3, so I'd not have seen the train there unless I was directly looking for it - which I obviously wasn't, it was meant to be on platform 3!) and so this left me with a slight predicament of how to get home. The next available train was the 5:57.. okay, fair enough. I've now been standiing in a freezing area for 40 minutes but surely the train'll arrive soon...

I end up getting on the 6:28, so basically standing in this freezing area for 70 minutes, and get on the train. The problem is, everyone else had been waiting for ages and so also charged onto the train.

I stood up in a small area for the two-hour trek home... there wasn't any space on the train to sit down - this did leave my legs a little sore and my hands had gone temporarily numb.

But after a good while I eventually got home. I also bought my first Edge magazine - it's an interesting read, if a little smug at times... I also tried some new McDonald's steak burger. Strangely pleasant indeed. I fancy another of those tomorrow, actually. Hm.

So now I'm back home - everything seems fine. Nothing to wake up for tomorrow so I sat up typing this until I was finished. As of right now, I'm all typed out and so need sleep.