January 8th, 2003


The good, the bad, the ugly.

The good: ...well, kinda good, anyway. They do have more work for me in SI, over the month of February they can have me in for three weeks minimum. This is a rather pleasant thing, especially as I have to walk a fair bit and the weather in February will be far more bearable than during January. Sure, that's a remarkably odd way to look at things, but then I've been on a phase of alternate logic that really doesn't make much sense.

I also have the opportunity to do babysitting for someone... the kids are pleasant and to be honest, it wouldn't feel like much of a chore, especially considering I'd be getting paid for what I'd be doing... so I will explore that avenue of potential work soon.

The bad: I managed to knock a cigarette from Mum's hand earlier in the evening. This resulted in a small hole appearing in her carpet and her screaming at me a little. She's not been in the best of moods recently and that didn't help any. I could have said smoking's a filthy habit, anyway, and if she wasn't smoking that wouldn't have happened. Or even that she makes a commotion of a carpet burn, yet the fact her lungs are getting closer and closer to being burnt to a cinder means nothing to her... nyeh. That type of logic wouldn't have worked in an argument with her though, so the tongue was held.

The ugly: I appear to have a horrible sleep pattern. This must be averted very soon.
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