April 2nd, 2003



One of the best things about working at a games shop is that people will be keen to see what games you can pick up, and you can take aforementioned games in, playing them as pseudo-work whilst entertaining staff and customers alike.

And today I get Zelda: the Wind Waker through the post. And I start work in under an hour. I will remember to pack the memory card with me and I'll be showing the game off, for certain.

I've not played the game yet, but as soon as I saw the shimmery gold on the packaging, it gave me wonderful memories of the gold Zelda cartridge for the NES. And I look at the disk, and it's covered with gold - which, on a silver disc, looks a little bit of a mismatch, colourwise.

But it's not like you can review a game based on how pretty the disc is.