April 5th, 2003

Ickle Cute Thing

I'm Dean, I'm happy.

I am really surprised, but right now I feel really comfortable with my life. And why shouldn't I be?

I have a job offering no more than minimum wage, and limited hours. I'm not bringing much money into the house. But right now the job I have is fun. I always wanted a fun job, no matter how simple it was, or how little financially I'd get out of it. I just know I couldn't do a job I detested.

The atmosphere around the family... well, this is a situation where things could have gone really bad, but the comaradery is evident. Since Mum's injury most of us have rallied around and the family spirit seems back together again, in some form.

My friends? Well, you guys are great. Even the odd, scary friends. I've managed to find several levels of friends, people I feel happy to talk to on whatever level I'm at (for example, some people I talk to when I feel more... philosophical, some when I just want to be ridiculously silly and act my shoe size for a while) and I'm grateful for all of you.

My girlfriend? Well, I don't talk about her much in here and I realised from some people's conceptions in the past that when I do mention her I sound negative, which doesn't make it seem like the relationship is going well. Truth be told, when those little niggles happen it usually just means we need to meet, because as soon as we're around each other, things are great and we both have fun. I'm sure the relationship will keep on going strong.

I mean, there are things my sister keeps pointing out... why don't I want a mobile phone? Why don't I want to learn how to drive? I don't know. Maybe I don't want the responsibilities these things bring out. Maybe I see them as luxuries. I never want to have what I don't need - I'm not one for clutter, for useless belongings.

There is so much more I could have. But why work so hard when the fundamental things to make you happy are right in front of you?
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