June 1st, 2003

Not now.

Well, that's (nearly) that done.

One email written. One private post with a few proverbs to try to adhere to. One stress level to attempt to drop down drastically.

I really need to stop worrying about how people react to what I've done in the past. What's done is done, and no amount of people trying to change this, will change what's happened. People can stop me before I do what I want to, however. For example, I had a load of stuff I wanted to put on here. Damned if I've been able to all night, and now I can't remember what I wanted to write.

I just set myself away on AIM and I'm just gonna sit back for a minute, and try and remember what it was I wanted to write, and then put it here if I remember.

Mmm, I have a fan in this room, at last. It means I can keep cool without the flies.
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Sometimes you wish you could know a little bit more about things, a little bit quicker. I'm kinda out of touch over something, and that's kinda concerning me, especially seeing someone tried to put me in the know.

Anyway, until a fix occurs and I suddenly receive tons of emails, I've changed my primary LJ email address over to make sure I get all the comments all my fans leave. Ahem.

I'm also ridiculously warm, after a sticky humid day at work (so humid I finished an hour early and someone else more desperate for money than I took over). And as I left the shop, it rained along with the sticky weather. So, someone out there loves me.

Anyway, I'm now gonna try and cool off fast, I'm gonna sit back and relax. Probably a bit of Advance Wars for me. No, wait, as I write this I'm told I'm actually taking the dog for a long walk in the sticky hot rain. Joyeux!