June 5th, 2003


Gift of the blag.

Simon mentioned I'd done loads of work again and ended up getting that employee of the month thing again. But because someone else was leaving they got a bit of a special present goodbye, but because of that he let me blag something else instead of a second-hand DVD; a limited edition Primal mug. Certainly looks rather novel, but I kinda worry because of the coolness factor, I'll never want to use it.

I got some batteries to test out the CD player, and also decided (by looking at what prices I can get for them in Game Station) what games I'm gonna sell. This includes SOS: The Final Escape, even though I bought it yesterday. The reason? I can sell it for a few pounds more than I bought it for, which is always useful. I'm also going to see how much random items around this bedroom can be sold for. I'm not in a need for cash but I just like to have a clear-out of stuff every so often. This may include the old CD player I got from Special Reserve if Tony or Daniel don't appear interested, given how special it sounds on the box and how impressive I can make it sound to Cash Converters, I might make some cash back on it.

Nothing much of interest to mention. Well, there's the fox thing to mention, but that'll go into a special little post of its own.
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The fox.

I'd just finished work and got myself a packet of crisps to eat on the way home. As I got close to my school, I managed to drop a crisp, and as I looked down I sensed something. As I turned slightly, I saw a bedraggled fox a metre from me at most, with a rodent of some form in its mouth. It looked at me and with a twinkle in its eye, it tilted its head at me and watched me for a moment. I sense it was thinking, "You humans. You take over the planet and you can't even hold your food properly."

Anyway, after a few seconds, it came a little closer, sniffed at the crisp that fell on the floor, and then skulked away under a car to eat its food properly.

Those crisps tasted pretty bad, in retrospect. I think the rodent would have been nicer.
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