June 11th, 2003



Bang on midnight, my head told me it wanted me to sleep or it would continue to cause me great pain. With that, my body seems to have reset my body clock to a sane sleeping pattern of midnight to 7 AM. This needs to be changed back to my old pattern, and swiftly.

The reason for wanting my old sleep pattern is that when my mother woke up, she decided she was going to tear the kitchen apart. All the wallpaper is being stripped, everything that could be moved out of the room has been, and I've been out and about looking for wallpaper strippers and putting cash in the bank so she can go buy Polyfilla.

Every so often she has this random need to completely redecorate. The kitchen or the toilet usually get fussed over the most. I'm fairly lucky - it's been about six years since my room went all pastel blue and yellow and she's not tried to change it since... yet.

My goodness, I feel icky. I'm gonna go shave and have a bath before anything else gets asked, else I'm going to stink in the non-gorgeous way at work.
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