June 12th, 2003


Ah, even the upbeat sod has to feel low sometimes.

Tonight, around eleven something hit me. I realised recently, for how much I put into things, I'm readily prepared to get little out of it. This leaves me feeling sad, alone and drained (almost soulless). Maybe I should accept people will turn to me if they want to, and if not, someone else will help them. Likewise, I should be prepared that messaging people all the time to see how they are is mollycoddling, so I might try to just shut up and let people turn to me if they want to talk.

I guess recently I've had a lot to say to a few people, unlike usual, when I babble about something to a great deal of people.

I need to do something more for me soon. I really am missing being someone's tonight. I think this is the first night being single really hasn't felt good. But based off my first paragraph, I'll get through this on my own soon, I'm sure.
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