July 22nd, 2003


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One thing I've realised is I really don't react well to when people tell me they'll try and stop me seeming down. Sorry about that.

I'm usually so upbeat I guess I need the occasional downs to release my frustrations away.

I dunno, it seems odd to imply this, but I quite like the days when I get to feel low, I think I try so hard to cheer other people up, a sign of being low is a sign that my body wants me to stop and pay attention to it; indulge it for a while. After all, we all need a little me time, and I don't assign myself a lot of it.


And it was edited. Italic part was not displayed.

"Yes, the Advance Wars series and Wario Ware are reasons to have a GBA. But
another beautiful game to acquire is Puyo Pop. It's engrossing and has the
scariest storyline ever.

Unless you find skeletons laughing at you (for drinking tea made with a used
tea bag) passé.

Dean Rivers, Enfield."

They did not mention the skeleton/tea bag madness/joy! :(
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Q. What do get if you multiply 6x6x6?
A. 666! This is a very dangerous number, as it reads the same backwards as forwards - what mathematicians call an "aerodrome" - and if turned upside-down can summon the police. DO NOT SUMMON THE POLICE WITHOUT A RESPONSIBLE ADULT PRESENT THEY CAN TAKE AWAY.
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