July 23rd, 2003


pseudowork: the work of champions!

Early morning shifts are quite dull. I shall be hoping nice people come online so I can talk to them through the dullness of the morning shift. I can assure you, morning work here is very dull. It's no fun to work now, you just end up sitting around for three hours of the four.

Still, I have Advance Wars 2 to hand, and trust me, given how I feel tired and need some stimulation to keep me awake, I will need it.

Update: Things got lively after all. I'm actually kinda working now. However, still felt tired - but Ribena (with its ridiculous levels of sugar) helped.

To point out, Ribena has 14g of sugar in every 100ml of drink.
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Not now.

"Hello, shoot me now, lest I have to listen to you any longer"

Three times now, people have called up demanding a second-hand game, frustrated we've not got the game for them yet. This message is for them.

If you want a second-hand game, you need to wait for us to buy it in before we can sell it to you. Calling to ask why we haven't got your game you needed very swiftly, when you're too cheap to put down a deposit for the game at retail price, will not invoke a reaction more pleasant than a sigh and an explanation of this problem, which we will explain to you very slowly because it's apparent you're not very bright.
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