August 3rd, 2003

Ickle Cute Thing


I never realised that bogies tasted so nasty if you tried to get the wax out of your ears just beforehand.

It's Sunday, it's a morning, I am awake and at work. As always when you're in a rush and run yourself a bath, that bath will turn out to be the perfect temperature and you will not want to leave it.

Still, work is always quiet on a Sunday morning. It's a dead shift, really. Not much fun to wake up and travel to, but easy money. I shall use this time to do important things, such as writing this livejournal post, playing Advance Wars 2 and harassing people on AIM.

Oh! And work. Work, yes. Of course. I guess I will have to put on a DVD and watch it, to ensure the DVDs here are of a good enough quality for the average consumer. Ahem.
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