August 10th, 2003



I need a little more personal space, some private time. I looked forward to Mum sodding off for a night, so I don't have to wait until 2 AM to do what I want. And instead I get time alone from midnight onwards, because as soon as work had finished and I'd got home, my sister had collared me and I've been making CD after CD until she left twenty minutes ago.

Mum's taken the rental CDs away with her for the night, and given how she is, I won't see them before I have to go to work tomorrow. This leads to excessive stress I do not want. I want a break but truth be told, I don't want to go anywhere, or do anything. I just want some time alone. I don't want the necessity of having to go somewhere to feel I have personal space.

I want simple things. The simplest things are never the easiest to attain.
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Note to computer: work this time.

24 finale on tonight. Ergo I'm watching the final episode right now in the shop so I can spoil it all to whomever I desire.

Update: That was an interesting ending. No spoiler, though. I'm nice like that.

However! I've got an hour and forty minutes to sit around in this shop. I'm gonna watch Phone Booth. 77 minutes long and that'll give me long enough to get the work that'll build up, cleared, before the shift ends.

Today will be a nice day. I'm not gonna let it be anything else, heh.