August 18th, 2003

Ickle Cute Thing

For the sake of Trudi and Astrid:

CONCISE REVIEW: Film was great despite corset joke; needed more carrots and Jeremy Irons.

Update: My goodness, as soon as I've got home I've lost all energy. Maybe it was because I had so much fun there, but I'm drained. And honestly, a little low. After such a great time around several people I felt comfortable with (though truth be told, I still felt I curbed myself often, and need to get used to your friends more - or even remember their names) I can only assume I'm low because the last time I felt that comfortable around several people was the last time I saw a film with you.
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Shadow boxing.

It does appear today wants to hurt me. I was awoken by a crash helmet falling on my head. This is not preferred to the usual method of the beeping of an alarm clock.

We have plumbers in so we have no hot water. This isn't too bad, but I'm sure it'll annoy for when I need a bath, if it takes time to remedy this problem.

Work has been quite dull. I managed to make the till implode momentarily, but that was resolved quite easily in the end. I wanted to do a Gordism and look through CVs and find spelling errors, but I fear that'd look too anal.

I'm also trying to figure out if I want to spend £120 on a UGC cinema card. With it I could watch films at UGC cinemas for "free", but then I don't go very often now. I'd need to see twenty films in a year for it to be good value. Hmm.
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