August 19th, 2003


And, lo, you all suffered more pratlling:

Just got back from Enfield Town. There've been complications in this boiler-fitting I mentioned before. Apparently a part of the boiler was forgotten. How clever of these people!

I've obtained more trinkets today. Ace Golf and a Lucasarts Collection as mentioned previously; £25 for both of them, from Game.

Oh, and some more popcorn. Though the microwave is covered with bric-a-brice in the kitchen, I have no chance for such frivolities right now, alas.

This room is a mess. I don't like that. This shall be resolved as soon as possible.
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Super bargain time!

Cheekily ask the boss how much he could knock off the second-hand Xbox we have lying there, with Jet Set Radio Future and Sega GT. It's available for Joe Public at £100, which is cheap as is. He says if I pay for it tonight I can have it for £90, maybe even £80.

If I can get it for £80, that is one of the most ridiculous bargains ever. And I'll have to lug this thing up to Leicester, joy of all joys! And it's not even mine!
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