August 27th, 2003


My big fear...

...for the week while I'm away is Cliff using the machine. I sense doom. Hence, I shall make sure this PC picks up a "virus".

How, you may ask. Well, an animated gif as a background works wonders in scaring people. Hence I will find a picture to set on my active desktop...

But what picture, you may not ask. Well, Digiworld created this picture:

And I had to create this: as a result of it. A faster version can be seen here:

Either are potentially perfect LJ icons, note they are not good backgrounds, though!

Words of Warning: It's not a good link to look at if you've suffered from seizures or epilepsy etc. So, please, I don't want people hurt by the scariness.

However, show the website URL to all your friends! Scare all your friends! And best of all, paste reactions into LJ to make me amused!
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