September 19th, 2003


Plan for today:

Working until half past two. Then I go to Natwest to pay cash into my sister's bank, Barclays in Enfield Town to put some of mine in and ask about what rights I have at this branch on Lancaster Road. Maybe have a quick look around the town, but that's unlikely. Maybe go back to that other branch and kick up a fuss again. If it's the only way they'll pay attention to me, so be it. It's probably best to go on Tuesday, and leave it until then, but meh. What if that side of the slip I gave in is moved someplace else before then? I'd like to get them to check things anyway. I didn't feel like I was taken seriously yesterday.

I also got through Advance Wars 2 properly last night so I've got most of the COs available for me to play with here at work, I'm letting the computer players smack the heck out of each other on four player levels (where I yield on the first turn and make sure the CO nearest to me is the least special of the COs participating - ie Flak).

Then home, and off to Nan's later on tonight. Maybe I'll call people while I'm there.