September 23rd, 2003



I went in to Barclay's again to resolve the money issue. As soon as I walked in I knew who I talked to last week, especially after hearing their voice. This staff member remembered me too, but wasn't sure of how much I gave her to put into my account. The bank went through a very thorough examination of things she'd done on the computer system around the time I'd been in. On the system included her doing something on my account (which is only done when money is put into the account, or when someone asks to know how much their bank balance is) and the manager found that that staff member's till was £31 over what it should have been.

End result: they don't know why they're £19 down, but they decided that I did put in £50 and so credited me that, plus an extra fiver as interest and a way of them apologising. I was chuffed by this so went down the road and bought them a small box of chocolates to say thanks.

So, now I've got that £50 back in the account, I'm gonna ensure I spend it. After all, this was money I'd effectively lost so I'm gonna treat myself and random people good and proper.

Another excellent thing happened too! I got myself a wonderful t-shirt from Holly, with Specter on the front. I will show off pictures of this in the future, for it is an excellent t-shirt. I just hope it doesn't shrink too much after the first wash.

I have a mild headache. I may have a rest later on.
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