September 26th, 2003


I did what exactly?

I've been called an eccentric person before. This may stem from days like today.

I woke up to find my Dogtanian DVD had arrived, and while at work found a friend of mine received the Basil the Great Mouse Detective plushes I bought her[1].

I decided to go for a walk after work, and as I passed Tesco's I felt a bit peckish, so looked for something to nibble on. End result: I was walking home eating mini Hula Hoops (bacon flavour) wrapped in processed cheese slices. I quite like being comfortable enough to do things others may deem odd - or even embarassing.

And I bought Die Hard With A Vengeance today at work. It was supercheap so it'd have been rude not to, really.

[1]How this had occured: I said if she could find plushes of Basil, I'd buy us one each. She found Basil plushes but they came in a batch of four with three other Great Mouse Detective characters. I didn't want all four myself so didn't buy the plushes for me, but as I made a promise to her, I bought her one of these batches. She was the one who sent me the lovely t-shirt, so it's a fair trade to me.