September 29th, 2003



My bed and I are forming a love-hate relationship. I do so enjoy my sleep. I do not enjoy one side of my hair being stuck up from sleeping in an odd position. But my goodness, I enjoyed the dream I had last night. Oh my yes. I just woke up smiling from it and feeling very bouncy, but I can't remember most of it...

So I've just taken a bath to get that hair to droop down properly as it should do. Consequently, I should get dressed and go to Enfield Town: see if I can get passport photos taken. I'm not sure where I can get them from - the photobooth in the post office and at the train station aren't functioning. There used to be one in Woolworths, if I remember. I'm also working earlier today - I've got to get there for five.

Oh, and that philosophical post. I may as well write on that, given I've an "update" on how I feel. I'd best get changed first, mind. I'll go on for 45 minutes on this, I'll time myself and just get what I can down.

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Anyway, more on this later. I've been 55 minutes and I should leave to get to Enfield Town if I want to take passport photos today. Which I do as that means I can get that UGC card quicker. Oh, and my monthly travelcard for when I'm in Islington in October. I think you can buy those a week in advance these days.
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