October 1st, 2003


Bonne nuit!

Nuit. Wonderfully silly French word. It's pronounced nwee. Go on, say it, you'll feel happier.

Over the last few days I've just hit a state of "Sod it". None of things I planned to do have been. Tomorrow I'll have to go see Nan before work, Friday I'll have to get passport photos taken after I go into work, and get the monthly Travelcard then. Not that I feel bad for it. I've enjoyed the time of resting. It's odd, but I've hit a nice level of calm for now, and things have fallen into place, really.

The relationship with Jess was getting a little odd recently so we decided to split, and just go back to being close friends. To be honest I think we were both relieved to sort this out and just go back to a close friendship, and neither of us have regrets; it just felt the right time to end it.

Work... this evening looks set to be dead. This is not a good thing as it invokes people to consider robbing the shop. But I've been sitting here without a customer in for twenty minutes or so, easily. It's also got cold in the shop, now; just a word of warning for you, Asti. :)

One thing that does look nice are the new models of PS2. The silver PS2 does look rather impressive, in a "wow I'm shiny" sort of way. Given it seems to be shown off in the stand for all its promotional pictures I wonder if this silver scratches off.

I'm babbling. What I really fancy are a nice bag of chips, I'll enjoy them post-work.
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