October 30th, 2003


Don't forget to be an idiot.

I didn't sleep well two nights ago. As a result I had a massive headache last night and went to bed at 9 (and resolutely stayed in bed until 9 too - my hair looks a complete mess from it). I tried to call Nan before I went to bed, got an engaged tone, shrugged, and pulled the phone out.

This morning I connect the phone back up and call Nan. She's in a panicked state and told me she's been calling all night and since the early morning. The reason? Mum's called her.

Mum's called her not to ask about how I am, but to give me information. That information could be summarised by saying she's not taken enough spending money and I can bail her out with £150.

I'll send her money but not the full amount. Given a third of that amount will be drinking money, I'll ensure to send between £100 and £150, depending how I feel and how quickly I find Mum's banking information and how much it slows down my getting to work.

So yes, I should be getting ready for work but am typing this. I just wanted to get it said before I go. And I really need to brush my hair somewhat before I leave this house.

Update: No, I need to wash it before I go. It's more tangential than I.
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