November 8th, 2003


The end of the papple season.

We're close to the end of autumn - the papples are rotting. It's a shame, I love papple season.

Wait, papples, you ask? What's this crazy thing I'm talking of? I shall explain!

For some reason the name crab apple was considered "too stupid", so me and a few friends called the miniature apples you find on some trees papples instead. This name has stuck, despite that comment coming from over ten years ago. We love the papples, for they are endlessly amusing - their small shape means you can kick them down the road without damaging things, or attempt kick-ups with them. Or hitting them relatively high into the air and volleying them with such force that you can see them fly for a very long distance.

So, people, question for you - I call crab apples papples frequently. Are there any random items you know of that are called something else yet you always call them some other name, as a habit? Or am I just a freak of nature?
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Of nuts, nuts and... nuts (well, legumes).

Holly: I put a peanut on my knee and dared them (the squirrels) to climb up and get it.
Holly: they were all too chicken, though.
Jusquun: Maybe they prefer proper nuts.
Jusquun: Like me!
Holly: ....
Holly: yes.
Holly: or...other nuts.
Jusquun: Do you see? You weren't enough of a nut to impress the-hoi, leave those nuts out of it.
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When you're too good, you just cause pain.

I felt like a game of Puyo Pop. I thought I'd have a go at Endless Mode, just to consume a little time.

And I basically played this fun puzzle game to the point where I got bored. I'm good at the game but I've never managed a three-or-four hour stint like that; I've never managed to get bored playing this game. I just got the point where I'd managed to dissipate more puyos than the game could register, and left it at that before my brain melted. I mean, as it stands, this is my brain right now.

I am going to dream of raining coloured beans falling from the sky and I only have myself to blame.

Oh, I have to remind Astrid I saw Trudi in Sainsbury's. She was packing shopping away and so I walked up close to her, and said "Leer!" and stared at her. She looked up in disgust, thinking I was some strange guy - and then realised it was me and I was some strange guy - but she didn't hit me, which is always a good thing. Through some discussion, it appears I may be going to go to see Matrix Revolutions with her and her sister and a few other friends on Sunday - if all goes well. Trudi really didn't give the film a positive review, but Hugo Weaving amuses me greatly and I imagine I'll find those parts enjoyable at least.

I should look into acquiring Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Thinking about it, I remember seeing that with Katy, many moons ago. I remember I was too tired to pick up on specifics, but we all need a bit of camp goodness now and then.
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Don't ask.


Oh, but I had to. This picture has to be remembered for all time, or until I feel embarrassed by it.

Simple but effective icon, I say. With that, I sleep!
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