November 19th, 2003



Work is disillusioning me at the moment - the problem with retail work as we approach Christmas is that customers get more impatient and come in more frequently - so to find Saturday's a bad day for several staff members, and I may well be looking at a 12 hour day is already a painful thought in my head. I mean, considering I'll be arriving before 10, I'll have spent more time at work that day than I will have at home. That, to someone who's a bit of a lazybones, doesn't sound right.

Ach, it's not that bad, really. It's money, at least. And doing the twelve hours won't be that bad - it's just knowing it's coming up when I can't be bothered, frankly.

So, what else to think of? Hm, besides the soul-searching we all do around this age?
  • Mum's hankering for sorting out the Christmas decorations. It's taking its toll when I've been coming back from work - mainly because Cliff hates Christmas so they keep bickering over his grumbling over the 'stupid time'. Also, Mum always has to scavenge which is causing us to have a lack of space for anything. My bedroom is a temporary wreck due to the presents all being harvested in my room for now, alongside the computer Cliff acquired that is, frankly, crap. So we're keeping a poor computer for no reason. Huzzah! It'll be gone by the year's end, I expect.

  • The feeling of singleness is kicking in a little, that'll pass. It's been on my mind more recently due to hearing other people in similar situations - that makes you think of it more, consciously or not. Otherwise I'm comfortable with letting life pass until someone nice shines out, as it were.

  • There's this massive feeling that I lost some of my schoolfriends too easily and the need to say hello to them again is remarkably vivid today.

  • I want to make a music CD so I have something half-decent to listen to when I get into work but keep forgetting to do such a thing.
And the soul-searching is about the merits of a college or university course. I'd meet more nice people if I figure out what course I actually think is wise to take. I did A-levels in Media and Business Studies and was told I'd make a good accountant, but I also feel like that'd be a dull job direction to go to. I know I'm good with numbers, but I'm also the type that makes little mistakes and gets too angry at myself when it happens. And with something like accounting, a little mistake can cause a snowball effect. A course for HTML or somesuch? I want to learn, but again, I don't think I'd have the talent to merit it becoming more than a pastime activity.

I need to write more - actually, I need to remember what I say more so I can write it. Methinks I'll be looking for a simple and carryable dictaphone of some format soon. Say, when I walked down the shops yesterday I ended up thinking of a daffy chorus, which someone was amused at. I know I could write some decent stuff in this frame of mind, it's getting the time to... which is why recording it so when I do have more time, I can get it written, is key.

Oh, and I bought a second-hand Dreamcast (after the other one went kaput) for a fiver today at work, with Shenmue and some crap game. Shame my friend has most of my games now. I'll have to see if I can acquire any back.
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People never have general conversations between other LJ friends in journals. It's always arguments or discussions that spark a lot of comments, never a general "Nice to see you! How are you?" post.

Is it because they'd just reply with "Read my livejournal, you lazy freak" or equivalent?
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