November 23rd, 2003


Soon to rest, to enjoy myself.

It's nice to know I get a break from work after these six hours tomorrow night. There's something quite pleasant about knowing I can get a little rest to do whatever.

Earlier in the shop we had someone call up in an absolute strop because I sold him a PC version of Fifa 2004 instead of the PS2 copy he expected. I pointed out he picked up the PC box, and I thought he realised that due to the fact it said FOR PC on the box. No wonder he thought he was getting a bargain when he saw the game for £29.99 - around a load of PC games, of course that's a PS2 title at a bargain price.

I think, after hearing opinions confirming it, my hair does look better scruffy. I don't think I look myself at the moment... still, not much I can do about it until it's grown a little longer again.

I just have to walk the dog, then I fancy a game or two of Gunbound.


I'm not paying attention to journals like I used to. Therefore for the next few days I'm gonna individually read up on every journal on my friends list - and I mean, really try to read them for the last 30 to so posts, not just skip through...

If I do find I'm skipping posts, either I'm bored or the subjects talked of don't mean much to me. I'm unable to keep up with my friends list well as is, so this may mean I can see whose posts I'm not really reading, and trim my friends list a bit... no offence is intended, especially if it's someone I've just added. Most of the people on my friends list are nice people, but if I'm generally unable to read their posts, I need to do something.

Update: Actually, I'm just in a... not-good mood. I may make a friends list filter instead, and just let people delete me as is necessary. It causes far less mess.