December 11th, 2003


Four Word Film Reviews!

This evening I found a wonderfully surreal four word film review website. Someone once asked me in one of those meme things to tell them my favourite films. But it's so much more fun to just paste four-word reviews in and let you guys figure out the answers...

But, here's the rundown of what I'd pretty much consider my favourite films. Have a guess what films they are - amongst you lot, you'll probably get them all.

Update: Answers now supplied!

1. "Actor discovers he's egocentric." Being John Malkovich
2. "Fired photo developer snaps." One Hour Photo
3. "Tattoos tell tall tale." Memento
4. "Femme resolves photo riddle." Amelie
5. "Scriptwriter plays wih himself." Adaptation
6. "Rugged man loses rug." The Big Lebowski
7. "Kiwi lawn mower massacre." Braindead
8. "Kevin gives Brad head." Seven
9. "Tim digs Raquel's backside." The Shawshank Redemption
10. "Sets sail for wall." The Truman Show

Have a try yourself! It's the most bizarre guessing game you'll find this side of Christmas!
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Because I'm cheap...

...I wanted to make an internet Christmas Card, for the people whose addresses I don't have; they could download and print a card if they wanted one from me. I wanted a few pictures of Christian things which I was to make a montage with more modern symbols of Christmas, so I typed "baby Jesus" into Google, then clicked "I'm feeling lucky".

The page I get come up is the "Baby Jesus Buttplug".
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