December 14th, 2003


When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie - that's gonna smart.

As things stand... the shop is very dead. I mean, it's never been this quiet - especially for a weekend. This is ridiculous. I do wonder if something exciting (read: bad) will happen as a consequence.

Alas, as it's Christmas the subpar themed muzak is playing in the shop and must be played until the end of the festive season. One blessing of this is that at least people seem to not hang around as long as usual; the music drives them out. Costumer opinion is this: Cliff Richard is going to Hell for making "Mistletoe and Wine".

People, seriously, does Christmas music ever do anything but annoy the heck out of you? I mean, you wouldn't listen to 90% of the songs made at any other time of the year. Thankfully I can set the speakers so it's barely audible at this side of the shop, and anyone who walks in is barraged with various songs that should be long forgotten.

I have been left a pleasant little keyring of Yuna from FFX at work, from a female (admirer?) who hasn't left her name. That doesn't happen everyday, but I find it a charming little thing to have been left. Still, it does make it a little difficult to say thank you to them, if I can't contact them. I have a suspicion over who it is, mind.
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    O Little Town Of Bethlehem, apparently on panpipes