December 15th, 2003

Not now.

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It's going to be an unconventional day today. I had been told I had a doctor's appointment at 9:20. My problem was I had managed to get only 2 hours' sleep, so I certainly wasn't in the mood for a two-mile walk to the doctor's, in case I felt too tired to get back. I re-arranged my appointment for Friday.

I have to go into Enfield Town to send a few packages off. I have, however, been lazy and not sent cards off yet. Or even written cards; I've been lazy over this time.

I also have found out my plans to get out of work tonight have failed, so I fell asleep again around 12 until half past three, so I at least had a little more sleep to get through tonight's shift.

Now, best get off to Enfield Town, else I'm never gonna leave for it.
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