December 17th, 2003

Don't ask.

Bits and blarg!

Part one: updated this post with the answers.

Part two: went through and updated my memories on here, from September onwards. It's a shame you can't save threads which when taken out of context, seem bizarrely worrying.

Part three: I looked back at my Christmas list. I'm coming up to Christmas and depending on personal acquisitions, or u-turns, I've gone from 23 items I was curious of, to three of those initial lot that I'd appreciate. And will probably buy the first or the second after Christmas if I don't get them, which I expect I won't.
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skezix41 (06:11:55): That's true. I could use some milk right now, though.
Jusquun (06:12:24): We have some, if you want to borrow it.

Do you put milk into the CD or floppy disc drive to transfer it?
skezix41 (06:13:04): I think it goes into the CD drive.
Jusquun (06:16:46): Aww. That worries me. I just tried and it poured from the centre down onto the floor again.
skezix41 (06:17:04): Oh my, that just won't do.
Jusquun (06:17:17): I'll freeze it!
skezix41 (06:18:17): Yes! Perfect!
Jusquun (06:21:00): Except that'd leave you with slushy water and the other stuff, in an icky state.
skezix41 (06:21:39): Oh yeah. Ew. Hmm. I guess you can try the floppy drive.
Jusquun (06:22:13): Hm. I can't.
Jusquun (06:22:36): I've got an error message.


skezix41 (06:22:44): :(
skezix41 (06:22:52): How did the Banana get there?
Jusquun (06:23:14): Well, someone wanted a banana and they said to use the floppy drive after the CD drive kept slicing it.
skezix41 (06:23:35): Oh. Sounds logical.
Jusquun (06:23:45): Moreso than usual for me.
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Why am I up now?

I had to wake Mum up at 6:30. Twas why I stayed up. She must have set her alarm to wake her up earlier, because she'd been awake before 6:30 too.

I walk into the frontroom (she sleeps on the sofa to raise her still-injured heel) and I see her in bed, snoring, with a cigarette lit and an inch of ash off the cigarette.

I had to try to nudge her gently so she didn't drop the cigarette. She woke and claimed she was just resting her eyes.
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