December 20th, 2003



I'm afraid there are no cards to send, and I'm afraid if I've not sent out a present, I'm unable to afford anything else. I had money budgeted for cards, and had for a few more presents to friends, but problems have sprung up.

First of all, to anyone who I have bought anything for, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. I don't need any more grief or anxiety.

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I also had to go to the doctor's today: a routine six-month checkup. I was told as always that I'm unusual, my blood pressure is higher than normal, but given what I've been through that's expected. The two-mile trek to the surgery could have had something to do with the results too, I dunno. Either way, I'm to go back in a month, see if this is just a momentary blip. He did tell me I get into too many stressful situations, though. But it's not as if I can take a step back from life... stress happens to a lot of people over this time, you've got to just get on with it.

A source of positivity could be on the horizon, I've talked to someone more who does seem to care about me a great deal and I have a feeling when we meet, things could go very well. We have wonderful talk after wonderful talk and it has been relaxing to have her near. And hey, with the doctor suggesting I need some time to relax, the two things happening around the same time... sometimes things fall along with curiously good timing.
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