December 24th, 2003

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Change of plan (note: updated)

Plan for Tuesday, on Monday: be bloody lazy, play games.

How Tuesday went: I was woken up by a phone call asking if I wanted to work for a few hours today, which I did. It was very hectic in the workplace, but an enjoyable time was had - it wasn't as stressful as it could have been. Afterwards, I came home and got myself ready to enjoy Return of the King with friends. I was allowed to open a second early Christmas present: my second umbrella. The first, as you may have read, had a grisly fate.

The film was very enjoyable, the company also. I received and gave presents and cards. And I wandered home and got back for just after midnight. At this present moment I can hear running upstairs: new people have moved in and are charging around - but without carpets down, their footsteps are prominent and annoying Mum, who's trying to sleep, and giving me a headache.

Excellent news: I have quite fixed plans to meet two friends within the next week when they travel into London. One will be met on the 29th, the other the 30th. Ally, a friend from the US, is travelling in to visit relatives for a while, but will visit me on that day instead. The day after Shaz is visiting, travelling in from Salisbury.

Tomorrow it has become apparent I will need to go with Mum to Sainsbury's for the famously hellish Christmas food-shopping. With a slight headache now I certainly don't think staying up for much longer is wise, so I'll take a relatively early night.