December 25th, 2003


Fishday extracts.

ICussYourMother: I didn't get any fish :(
Jusquun: I wonder if anyone got fish today.
ICussYourMother: I'm sure someone did.
ICussYourMother: Perhaps you have a greater chance of getting fish if you're a cat.
Jusquun: Hmm. Either way, it's not a good name for the day if there isn't any fish. Which idiot called today fishday?
ICussYourMother: I believe it was you.
Jusquun: Oh yes!
ICussYourMother: That said, I don't think many people will be receiving Christ for Christmas.

ICussYourMother: God, it's Christmas. You'd think I'd get a day free of porn spam.

ICussYourMother: I wonder if God bought anything for Satan.
Jusquun: Barbecue set.