January 25th, 2004

Snap Crackle Pop

Short sentences.

Tried to keep the day going as I'd left it - working hard. That failed. But I did get something done by the end of tonight, with a few new icons on here and up to the mid-season interval of season 3 in CM with Leicester.

I've felt really confrontational all night, but kept it hidden away quite well, though I had to block someone to prevent me shouting at them.

I've got to find more ways to enjoy myself. That's partly why I've set those targets to aim for more happiness offline during the next month, with books and games and all that. However, reminder to self: write down the goals at the beginning of a month so I can confirm I've done them when I get the month over and done with.

I'd have put this as a bulleted list but my bullet points seem to look like a mess.
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