April 8th, 2004



dean_r: It's amusing how well kids are taught these days.
Little Miss Trolley: Kids these days are fit for nothing but pie. >=|
dean_r: Steak and kid knee pie? HAAHAHAHAHAA I MADE THE FUN-KNEE! AHAHAH
Moving on...
I've been eating some birthday cake today. I've felt in a bit of a cake mood for weeks now, I guess my birthday came around at the right time. Or maybe we all have a cake-sense that develops to a rabid desire for cake as a birthday comes close.

In one of the birthday cards some random things had been put in from when I was younger. From a few pictures which I may scan later, to this, THE FIRST EVER POTENTIAL LIVEJOURNAL ENTRY IF LIVEJOURNAL EXISTED THEN YES.

8th August 1989

I am going to have my hair cut. My Mum has come up. Nan was telling Mum about some stories, Like me, locking the cat out! I am was weighed as 25 kilograms, or 4 stone. I am 133cm (I think!) We went in the car. Christopher bought me an Isle of Man t-shirt. I am going to write thanks to him.

I used to live with Nan when I was younger because Mum used to go out and enjoy herself with her rock and roll clique. She'd always come to pick me up from Nan's, take me to school from there, then go off to work, then Nan would pick me up from school and take me back to hers. I seldom lived here, really, until I was about 9, old enough to look after myself.

I don't even remember having a cat. I'm allergic to them, and I know my Nan was not a cat person.

I was quite a little runt in those days. Though I recall we never had weighing scales so someone would pick me up and guess roughly how much I weighed. Ooh, in my day weighing scales were inaccurate. You whippersnappers don't know how lucky you are now.
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