May 1st, 2004



I wanted to use a lot of K's in the subject. I'm sorry. I also feel like formatting this entry in an erratic manner. However! It does seem like strange[r] things are afoot!

Whilst playing Championship Manager, I was talking to radiodave about customising the game and adding a custom team in. I asked him what position he would prefer to play, if he were in the game. He said goalkeeper, and I did a search of the current game out of curiosity. Only one Gareth Jones in the current game's database. A goalkeeper. This person was playing at Lincoln in the game (close by to where radiodave lives) and the date of birth for the goalkeeper was exactly the same as the Gareth I know. I think it is fair these Gareth Joneses meet; to see which one is better, and which one would win in a fight to the death.

But it said ko-inky-dinkies in the subject, and this is only a ko-inky-dink? Well, there's more!

A few days ago, reaperfox talked to me about a song she really wanted to find. All she knew was a line from a chorus (which she'd completely misheard, but we didn't know that at the time) and that the song was recent. Undeterred, tonight I sat in Bill's car and on the last leg of the way home (we're talking a five minute trip) I turned the radio station to Virgin Radio - the most likely station to hear the music Sel talked of, I surmised. As me and Bill were just about to get out of the car, I heard the beginning of a song, and I said "WHOA" in a very loud voice (hence the boldness and the capital letters). I'd never heard the song before but knew (despite Sel's cock-up with the chorus-remembering) this was her song. This was her song and I was not believing anything but this at the time. I get back home tonight, smug as you like, imagining her squeeing in delight at me and telling me how totally radical I was, but no! She's already done a search for the lyrics and was downloading a song as we typed. I stop the download of the song I was getting and lower my head in shame. I got my hopes up too quickly and had felt a fool for it. I walked the dog.

I return to find Sel actually didn't get the right song. I resumed the file I was getting, passed it on and Sel gasped in amazement - this was her song. Thing was, there were so many variables up to then that I find it amazing we got in the car at the right time and I turned the radio on at the right time. If I'd never asked Bill to take a deviation earlier to find out how to get to a place on Sunday (I apparently have to swap at Cheshunt, Sacha - you never told me that) I'd have never found her song. And that's excellent, as they say. Well, as Sel might say.

As for other ko-inky-dinkies? Oh, I don't know. I'm pleased enough with just those two.

Sorry about the excessive usage of the bold tag. I'll wake up tomorrow and feel embarrassed and amend it all then.

EDIT: No I won't!
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Danger! Evil smirk!

The scruffy hair and the cyberdog t-shirt.

Behind the LJ-cut's an 80k picture of me after a (slight) haircut, wearing a Cyberdog t-shirt (where the white part glows in the dark) and jeans (because not wearing jeans could have resulted in negative reactions from some of you).

Excuse the crappy lighting, the picture was taken a few minutes ago. If you expect decent lighting at 5 AM, I'll laugh at you.

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Did I really just do that?

I just offered to pay £20 towards some Starsky & Hutch merchandise for
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I just offered to pay £20 towards some Starsky & Hutch merchandise for <a [lj2] href="">Sel</a> in exchange for some commissioned artwork. Well, I have no idea what I want drawn, actually. I guess she'll just owe me something random until I think of something to ask for.

Next! Phantasy Star Online for the PC is available. <a [lj2] href="">Noah</a> pointed out a forum with <a href="">download links</a> (<a href="">These</a> <a href="">three</a> <a href="">files</a> are all you should need, though) and once I get to talk to him again, he's going to explain how to set games up. I wonder if any of the old Abbychatters who used to play PSO with me would be interested in joining in, if this is possible.

Lastly, I do desire <a href="">a kickable The Cheat</a>. If only for the novelty value of people going "Whoa, your Pikachu's let himself go, etc". Bemusingly enough, I do appear to have a Pikachu in this room. It appeared on Wednesday; Mum found it in a charity shop and thought I'd like it.
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