May 19th, 2004



I don't really like donuts as much as the last post implied. I've only had three of them so far.

I won an Ape Escape 2001 guide after an interest in the title. It has some fun pictures inside, at the very least. I know I have a commission someone will draw for me, and I was thinking of something Ape Escape-based, and these pictures will be useful references for this person.

I'm off to watch a film called "Bad Education" tonight with Astrid and Trudi. All I know of it is it is a foreign film and very few people know seem to know of it over here. This sounds intriguing. So I shall have to go have a bath to stop myself looking like a scruffy git, then I will get going. More donuts may be consumed. Hmm.

I have been tempted to buy R:Racing just to get the Pacman Vs. disc out of it.
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I'm watching a party election broadcast for the Green Party, for these London elections.

The mayoral candidate is shouting in a rapping fashion, behind soulful music and occasional bursts from musicians singing "Paint the whole world green and make it better!"

Yay London!