May 25th, 2004


Sales, trails and Pacman Vs.

I've been recently tidying things up - moving music CDs into a large wallet, to attempt to save some space and because the jewel cases are needed by the games shop. I'd taken a lot of jewel cases from the shop in the autumn when the shop was overran with them and I felt I wanted to be able to offer some back.

I also decided I had to go into Enfield Town today. I had a few places I wanted to visit, and managed to get to everywhere I wanted:

First stop, WH Smith. They're meant to be clearing all their games stock but there's still no discounts there at all. In the end, the only things I picked up were ink cartridges Mum will pay me back for.

I then went into Dixons, who had a closing down sale, and picked up a Controller S and a LiteOn DVD/CD Rewritable Drive. I was only meant to get 10% discount on the drive but the staff member gave me a 25% discount with a smile, because I was the nicest customer he'd seen all day, and I wasn't going to argue at that. End result: DVD rewriting drive for £60.

Game is opposite Dixons. As a regular to the store, and as someone who'll walk in and talk to the staff, they know what games I've been after and had good news today. The manager grabbed my attention, saying that there'd just been a price drop on R:Racing; down to £20. I'd almost placed the £20 on the counter before he'd shown the game to me.

For those who know a bit of games or who've followed my journal too well, this game comes with Pacman Vs, one of the best-sounding multi-player games available. The price drop happened on this very day, days before I head off to a massive group meeting where this game would be loved. The timing was ominous.

I then came back to the games shop I work at and sold R:Racing to the shop for £15, keeping Pacman Vs for me. This keeps me content, having paid £5 for a lovely title, and allows the shop the ability to rent R:Racing out - everybody's happy.

I've come back home, I've had the nicest cheese and bacon toasted sandwiches I've ever consumed, which were only so nice because Cliff used the wrong cheese when he made them.

Now, to help my sister with a maths test she has soon. She's not keen on fractions.