May 27th, 2004


Well, the social life grows.

Pacman Vs is such a good game, I've wished that I will have more excuses to bring it to social gatherings, so I can enjoy it more often. I'd taken it into work today, and I played several games of it with Simon, Tom and Peter (the manager and co-workers). It can be honestly said that the group adored the game. Me and Tom, not exactly the biggest fans of Pacman originally, were in stitches at how we were attempting to capture Pacman with slick manouevres; the group began to work together and spread out so much better after several games, there was camping around the power pellets and eventually our Pacman-killing was ridiculously efficient.

The structuring of so much in the game, from the points system to the usage of the fruit that erratically pops up to the manic shrieking that can occur when a group begin to get Pacman into a cul-de-sac, even which ghost Pacman goes into when his impending doom arrives... it's all so amusingly strategic and possibly as perfect and pure a multiplayer experience I've encountered.

This game will be loved by the group on Saturday. If I remember to bring it.