May 31st, 2004

Vibri marches onwards!

The con has been and gone

And now I have jessicapadkin and lynnetriplett here!

On Saturday, I headed down towards Bristol and after enjoying the comic con on Sunday, left with Lynne and Jess. To be honest, I'd only got a few hours' sleep on Friday night so I wasn't really feeling excitement before I got to Bristol. However, once I saw lots of people waiting at the gate at Bristol I felt happy to be there. I would like to meet every one of those people again, and if that means heading to next year's conference I'll be happy to. The shedload of friends via Abbychat and Sel's Guild were all really nice people.

Highlights of the trip around Bristol included:
The rather fun trip on a bendy bus (I'm sad, but these quirky things always cause entertainment)
The conversation that a group of us had up to three AM on Saturday about many random issues.
Enjoying ridiculously well-cooked barbecue food: the first time I've encountered this.
Not seeing Tom's boobs as he paraded around with a "I'm Richard Elson!" sticker on.

The comic aspect of this hasn't been talked of, primarily because it wasn't a component of my weekend. I wanted to meet nice people and I have done so. However, from Sunday afternoon onwards, the truly bizarre stories begin.
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